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We never expected Ceasar to have puppies. It is amazing that he has got children, even in other countries in Europe and hopefully also in the far far away Australia.
After waiting for 1 year to see the developments of Ceasar's puppies, we can say we are very pleased. 
We therefore decided to do more litters with breeders who share the same thoughts as us. Most important is the fact that the breeder gives the puppies a good socialisation and takes good care of them. These pups will need to get the best homes there are, with active people who love and understand them.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that is your friend, your partner and in case of problems your defender. It is a selfassured dog that after sufficient training can be taken everywhere. Eventhough at ease in restaurants, cities, countryside etc, for us there is nothing more enjoyable than to relax with a RR on the beach. There you can see the true ridgeback who makes funny jumps, marvelous manoeuvres and enjoys life.
Our aim is to breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks that are companions for life.

Copyright Satu Laakso

All Litters
Dam Country Date of Birth Number of puppies
1  Jockular Batoka  NL  17-08-2003  11 puppies  8 females, 3 males
2  Themba  NL  30-12-2003  11 puppies  4 females, 7 males
3  Hunting Choir's Issa  DK  24-01-2004  11 puppies  7 females, 4 males
4  IT CH Vizara Hadassah Toscana  IT  25-03-2004   8 puppies  4 females, 4 males
5  Nord CH Mankoya's Excellent Etosha  SE  10-04-2004   9 puppies  4 females, 5 males
6  Jockular Rachral A Thamani  NL  22-05-2004  11 puppies  7 females, 4 males
7  Fr CH Flametrees Shirani of Shabani  UK  08-06-2004   9 puppies  4 females, 5 males
8  Mswati's Gani  NL  23-12-2004   8 puppies  3 females, 5 males
9  O CH Mavunguela's Savimbi   A  06-03-2006   1 puppy  1 male
10   Jockular Murphy   BE  15-05-2006   7 puppies  5 females, 2 males
11  Multi CH Rachral Bo Cachou  NL  26-05-2006   6 puppies  5 females, 1 male
12  INT & BE CH Vizara Jodi Jinga   BE  10-06-2006  12 puppies  6 males, 6 females
13  FI & EST CH Bawabu Sudi Shangiliwa   FI  11-07-2006  12 puppies  6 males, 6 females
14  Singita Anza Jaha  GE  20-09-2006  12 puppies  6 males, 6 females
15  LT & EST CH Neila Sinbest  LT  04-05-2007  9 puppies  3 males, 6 females

All X-ray Results Ceasar's Offspring
Name HD  ED  OCD shoulder Back Xray Eyes Xray
1  Kuzonga's Bayana J'Adore  HD-A  ED-FREE  OCD-FREE  No X-ray  Clear
2  Kuzonga's Baluga  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
3  Kuzonga's Baraha  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
4  Kuzonga's Bizayo Danuwa  HD-A  ED-FREE  OCD-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray
5  Kuzonga's Bella Protea  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
6  Kuzonga's Binti Ceaiss  HD-A/B  ED-FREE  OCD-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray
7  Kuzonga's Bhinya  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
8  Kuzonga's Bomani  HD-A  ED-FREE  OCD-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray
9  Rachral Thandiwe Musikana  HD-A  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
10  Lionridge's Sir Edgar  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
11  Lionridge's Sir Elias  HD-A  ED 0/1   No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
12  Lionridge's Lady Emily  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
13  Lionridge's Lady Eveline  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
14  Lionridge's Lady Eliza of Mankoya's  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
15  Mswati's Baganda  HD-A  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
16  Balifico Rudo  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
17  Bawabu Zenzele Zubayda  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
18  Bawabu Zuberi Zuhri   HD-A  ED-FREE  OCD-FREE  Clear  No X-ray
19  Bawabu Zalira Zahra  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  Clear  Clear
20  Bawabu Zuwena Zamoyoni  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray
21  Bawabu Zinadine Zidane  HD-A  ED-FREE  No X-ray  No X-ray  No X-ray

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