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On 17th April 2001 we made the decision to bring a buddy into our lives. We went to Marienheem and visited Ceasars lovely breeder Mrs J Meijer. She had a litter of 9 puppies, 3 males and 6 females which were born on 27th March. We noticed Ceasar straight away and picked him for his lovely, soft character, which were our only requirements - it was love at first sight. Ceasar was a very well behaved puppy that had stolen our hearts forever.
After receiving many compliments about Ceasar we were encouraged to visit the offspring day in 2002. We were advised to train and go to dog shows with Ceasar, so we went away and bought ourselves some books on showing. A few sessions of ringcraft training later when Ceasar was 18 months old, we entered our first dog show in our hometown Rotterdam. Ceasar did a remarkable job and achieved 2nd excellent and Res CAC. Although we never had the intention to show Ceasar, he gained more Titels & Wins than we ever could imagine.
In addition to the excellent Show Results, Ceasar is a great friend to have with a lovely character and a natural beauty. His favorite things to do is jump in the sand dunes and run like crazy on the beach. It is a real pleasure to see Ceasar run next to our mountain bikes to use up most of his energy.

At the moment Ceasar is a grown up Rhodesian Ridgeback, well developed in every way. He has brought a great new experience to our life. We hope our homepage gives you a good impression of our Ceasar.



René & Yvette



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