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Rhodesian Nederland

Holiday III England2004


This weekend we were invited by Ronnie & Kelly for a very special weekend ...a VIP treatment and backstage by Madonna's 2004 ReInvention Tour in London's Wembley Arena!! We were really impressed and we fully enjoyed the concert from a very special place. It was a pity we weren't allowed to make any pictures ...but for sure we'll never forget this weekend!!  ...Awesome!!

We couldn't wish us better places than in the Pit of London's Wembley Arena, Madonna was dancing around us and It felt like we were part of the Show, Sorry for the photo wasn't allowed to make any.... but you can see the front part of the stage and 15000 fans screaming for Madonna!! Awesome..!!

.......with a little bit of fantasy you can see Madonna. 8-))

René & PharreLL WilliamS

On our way to London we met Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D./Neptunes who was heading for a concert in the UK, bestowing in unsuspecting hit records in almost machine-gun-like succession – whether in rap (Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, et al), R&B (Usher & Babyface), pop (Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake) or rock (No Doubt). René is a big fan of his work and after a nice chat i made a photo of them.


Action in the Ardennes "C's Birthday"

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